Field Services

Venture Steel provides services to general contractors and oilfield customers. Venture plays a critical role in providing response, planning and coordination services as well. With significant resources for project managers to draw upon, Venture Steel can meet the challenges required for both inland and offshore projects alike. Whatever your welding needs may be, Venture can provide adequate welding procedures and certifications to help facilitate your project.

Our field service capabilities, include, but are not limited to:

• Levee construction projects
• Onsite pile splicing / tension connector installation
• Sheet pile splicing
• Pile driving template onsite fabrication
• Waler system onsite fabrication
• Petrochemical plant expansions
• Petrochemical plant maintenance
• Offshore welding / maintenance
• Any other onsite project welding needs

Venture Steel invites you to review all credentials and have their experienced team quote any future projects. Contact Venture Steel at